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  /    /  Sofia Ayarzagoitia

Colgate, 2017

Sofia is interested in photography that has a performative edge but also derives from the documentary heritage. This performative edge is drawn from the empathic relationship that she shares with her subjects. Even if she never appears in the photographs, the work is always referring to her, not only through texts but also through this relationship. She is interested in the actions they do for her camera. A lot of her work revolves around intimacy and themes emerging from it, keeping the necessary link of art and life. Trying to explain her existential and psychologically journey, while she also explores the thin line between memories, fiction, time and space.



According to the urban dictionary

A man of color that is attractive for women of another race. In general terms, he’ll have extremely white teeth, that is where the term colgate (it is a popular toothpaste) comes from. The tone of his body is toned and brawny.

It is having a rebirth in this world of open contact, the fear against other races. But now more than ever we are more exposed to that neutral and day-to-day unity of global citizenship.

In this day-to-day and virtualized contact we stop seeing people for their colors and fronteers. Or, through the access that we have to trips and chats, everyone whitens and looks attractive to us. ¿Are we living the internet of races?

Nudity exposes us and turns us human. It allows us to have direct contact with all kinds of skins. And denudes our ideology.

I am interested in the pile of images that turn into a narrative depending on the circumstances and to whom they are directed. With everything that happens today in our surroundings, I rely on the internet news and create stories from  possibility, with a reading game. Photography takes me to uncomfortable psychological and emotional situations, it is like a drug that permanently confronts and relieves me. These images were taken in different countries and I experimented with different filters and materials to nourish and evidence this silenced sensations.

Guest photographer


Sofia Ayarzagoitia

Born in Monterrey, Nuevo León. She earned a master’s degree in Fine Art Photography at the Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid. Her work has been exhibited at the festivals; Fotofestiwal (Poland, 2014), PhotoIreland (Ireland, 2016) and Unseen (Amsterdam, 2017).  Her photobook mock-up was selected at the Photobook Mock-Up Competition in La Fábrica (Spain, 2016), with the book Every night temo ser la dinner. Lastly La Fábrica Editorial published it. This book was also nominated at the Rencontres d’Arles book awards (2017) for the Author’s Book Award. She was named Foam Talent in the 2016 edition, being the only mexican included in the results and one of the two latin americans to be selected.  In 2016 she won the XVIIth edition of the Photography Biennial from Centro de la Imagen -Secretariat of Culture, Mexico.


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