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Morganna, 2017

Images from the series Morganna, in progress

Morganna comes from a traditional family. As she states, her father wanted to educate her to be very manly, stimulating her to do sports such as karate and football, which she hated. He also made her cut her hair and learn carpentry like him. But her dreams were different; her heroin was the princess She-Ra and she had a fixation on mermaids. The tough boys from school bullied her and her friends defended her. She couldn’t explain to her family her lack of well being. She couldn’t speak with her family about how she was beaten either.Therefore she learned to live divided, in two different worlds. She learned how to hide her real self.

Music saved her life. Since she was very young she sang and the nuns said that she had the voice of an angel. She won contests, studied music at Universidad de Guanajuato and then at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música in Ciudad de México. Music was her way of escaping the world. When she travelled to Bangkok with the idea of winning the beauty contest Miss International Queen and collecting the money to have surgery, music found her again. She didn’t win, but a famous surgeon from Thailand, doctor Preecha Tiewtranon was a big fan of opera and of her voice. Fascinated by Morganna, he gifted her with the surgery.

From the story: the trans mexican who travels the world singing opera by Annick Donkers for Vice, published on october the 10th of 2017:

Guest photographer


Annick Donkers

Born in Antwerp (Belgium), actually lives and works in Mexico. Earned a master’s degree in Psychology and studied photography in Mexico and Argentina. In 2008 she received a scholarship from the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs and participated at the Seminar on Contemporary Photography at Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City.

She has collaborated with more than 30 publications in diaries, magazines and journalism websites, among them stand out her contributions for Vice News (Mx), The Huffington Post (USA), Variopinto (Mx), Sin Embargo (Mx), Yaconic (Mx) and Arbejderen (Denmark).

By 2016 she has already been rewarded with the following awards: Silver medal at the Tokyo Photo Awards (Japan), Third place at the International Photo Awards (USA), First and Second place at the Moscow International Photo Awards (Russia) and Third place at the Sony Awards (UK), among others.

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