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  /    /  Alejandro Resendi

Ik’, 2017

For the evolutionary look of history, is fundamental what is chosen to be remembered as well as what is chosen to be forgot. This construction of collective memory determines the way in which we see and exist in the world. But there is also another way of preserving memory through small stories that migrate to the collective stories. Erasing to rewrite and unknit to knit again and change the beginning or the end of stories. Transforming a myth that disappears to convert it in a support, a palimpsest that holds the gaze of originary writing.

The work is an approximation to the spirit and beliefs of the different maya people in the State of Yucatan through the stories of its inhabitants. These images have emerged from oral tradition as the fingerprint of their passing through time, of their superstitions and most of all, from nature to the state of their present mood. Ik’ in maya refers to the wind, but also to the spirit, the breath and to life.

Guest photographer


Alejandro Resendi

Born in Mérida, Yucatan. Took the course on Contemporary Photography in 2013. His work has been presented at diverse collective photo samples in Mexico, Chile, Guatemala and Spain. Individually, his work has been presented at the Galeria 2 Mundos, Mérida, Yucatán. He was selected for the Visionado Trasatlántica in PhotoEspaña 2015. Part of his work has been published in Punto en Linea UNAM, Float Magazine, Bedspreadzine, Espacio GAF, La Ira de Morfeo and foCo. He was scholarship holder of the PECDA 2015 of Yucatán. Obtained the second award of acquisition at the VII Biennial of Visual Arts in Tijuana, B.C., 2016.

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