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  /    /  Alejandra Aragón

Las noches invisibles, 2014-16

There are many stigmatas about the night, specially about the night in Ciudad Juárez. And about that night there are stigmatized beings, especially women. Las Noches Invisibles is a multidisciplinary project that resulted from a research referenced to Jorge Balderas Dominguez’s  research in Mujeres, Antros y Estigmas en la Noche Juarense (2002) which aims to explore this reality from the aesthetic and the historic.

In a first moment the aesthetics of the spaces is explored through documentary photography, specially at the Historical Center to achieve a first approach to the realities that the night contains.Through this exercise is how the threads that lead to a narrative are revealed at sight: The night is forged by the work of women.The night of Juárez sustains over their bodies; they are the ones who tend the bars, hotels, and they are themselves, on some occasions, the object of consumption.

That is how we got to the stories of Cristina and Brenda. Their stories and photographical archives help us to unfold the myths of the past and the violent realities of the present, as well as to get closer to a better understanding of the phenomena that contributed to the decay in which the means that allow the access to a life with dignity through night work were sacrificed.

Inquiries about the documentary as a mean of representation from this specific context parallelly emerge; what role does my look as a documentalist woman, born and raised in Juárez play? Which ways of enunciating experiences exist to not reproduce violences, respecting the own voice of these women, who at the same time represent themselves before my look? How can this dialogue be constructed as a speech about the city that contributes with something different to what hegemonical, foreign or outside looks have constructed?

“The movie is made and with it I make myself. If my subject is reality I am not exempted from it nor it is exempted from me. In that exercise of reciprocity and generosity in the giving, several levels of subjectivity interact in between them. The thing is to not objectify or look beyond reality but to mix self subjectivity with the one from the other… There are no definite rules, this all works as a kind of pact based on reciprocal complicity.” Cao Guimaräes, 2007

Guest photographer


Alejandra Aragón

Born in Ciudad Juárez. She has a degree in Administration and Plastic Arts at Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez. She has participated in exhibitions and publications in the United States and Mexico. She was scholarship holder of the Stimuli to Creation Scholarship David Alfaro Siqueiros in 2011. Her work was selected for The International University Visual Arts Biennale in 2013. She’s one of the current members of PICS, platform of contemporary images created by Centro de la Imagen (Culture Secretariat) in 2017.

Her audiovisual work has been exhibited in diverse frontier and national festivals. She has worked as a journalist and nowadays works as an independent.


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